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I am Wale Owoade, a bookhaolic and The Strong Letters is a project I started mainly for interviewing contemporary poets around the world. I also occasionally write short reviews of books that moves me. I am trying to be an avid reader of contemporary literature and I try to discover at least a new name within a week.

The Strong Letters is for conversation with books and their authors, with poets and their poems and sometimes with myself. The Strong Letters is for educative, motivating and informative conversations with great minds and great writings. They can be established poets and poetry or emerging ones. I try to put up a new post every other Saturday. Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji is the friend who makes sure I get the grammar right before I post them.

If you have a poet you want me to interview, you can send the name and if possible, the email address of the writer to me (waleowoadeonline@gmail.com). I will also love to hear why you want me to bring the poet to The Strong Letters and questions you would love to ask him/her. However, I don’t think suggesting yourself for an interview is something I can agree with.

As I said earlier, I write reviews of book that moves me. I have a wide taste and hunts for the strong letters when I read, so if you are a publisher, author of a book of poetry or you have one you want me to read and review, you can click here for my mailing address. After posting your package, send an e-mail to waleowoadeonline@gmail.com with the following details and other things you want me to know about the book before I open it:

Title of book(s):
Where to buy the book(s); online and physical stores:
Author’s email address (if available):

I always read the first four (4) pages of every book I receive and reply under 48hrs of receiving the book whether I will be reviewing it or not. I appreciate every book I receive and I always tell my readers where to buy them. And yes, you can send as many books as you can! If after reviewing a book, I can’t get it out of my head, I will interview the author and publish our conversation on my blog.

You can also assist me in completing my wish list for 2016, I receive donations for this blog in form of books!

You can send all queries to waleowoadeonline@gmail.com


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